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Note: Rehearsal cancellation due to weather will always be posted on the     website by 4pm the day of rehearsal.

Please bring a PENCIL to rehearsal to mark our music. We encourage you to write anything on your music that will help you with dynamics, pronunciation, phrasing, etc

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We started by working on "Best of the Beach Boys".  On page 20, the basses need to be very firm on their entrance on the first measure, setting the stage for the following back and forth that takes place between the sopranos and the tenors.  Fun, Fun, Fun starts on page 22.  It moves along at a good pace, and it has a lot of words, all of which we need to be very familiar with in order to spit them out so that they can be understood.

Then we moved on to "The Climb".  Remember that we sing through measure 36 on the bottom of page 7, go back to measure 15 in the middle of page 4 and sing through measure 20 on page 5 and then jump to measure 37 on the top of page 8.  Take note that measure 53 at the bottom of page 10 is in 2/4 time, not 4/4.

"God Bless the U.S.A."  was next.  We sing through measure 38  in the middle of page 7, go back to measure 16 at the top of page 4, sing through measure 23 in the middle of page 5, then jump to measure 39 at the bottom of page 7 and sing to the end.  You need to pay attention to the notes.  There is a tendency to treat a lot of eighth notes as dotted eighths followed by a sixteenth, instead of evenly, as they are written.  I can't show these here, but an example is in the words "and I'm proud to be an American". where proud to is a dotted eighth followed by a sixteenth, but mer I is two eighth notes, which should be sung evenly.

We started to tweak "Joy to the World", but ran out of time.  We will be working on it this Tuesday.

I believe there are plans to audition the soloists, duets, etc. this Tuesday.  If you haven't signed the sheet with your name and title of the song you wish to sing, get the info to Lisa and don't forget to bring in your music.

See you all Tuesday,

Carl Strand


A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Forever Country

 Heartache Tonight

 It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

 Light of a Clear Blue Morning

21 Guns

Best of the Beach Boys

Blessing  (Not a perfect match, but close enough)

The Climb

God Bless the U.S.A.

Joy To The World (Couldn’t Find Arnold Freed arrangement).  This is a fun version.

I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (Men Only)