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Note: Rehearsal cancellation due to weather will always be posted on the     website by 4pm the day of rehearsal.

Please bring a PENCIL to rehearsal to mark our music. We encourage you to write anything on your music that will help you with dynamics, pronunciation, phrasing, etc….

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Next rehearsal November 7th -7pm

Cheshire Regional Rehab Center

745 Highland Ave/Cheshire

This past week we did a run through of all our pieces.  We appear to be in pretty good shape, but we can't let our foot off the gas.

It's time now, as Kate used to write, to get our noses out of the music and watch Lisa.

Be aware that on the top of page 7 of "Calypso Christmas", in the first measure, that the altos are singing notes that are higher than what the sopranos are singing.  Don't be fooled into thinking you're wrong.

Another little twist exists in "Coventry Carol".  We start by singing the refrain.  Then we sing the 3 verses without repeating the refrain.  Then we sing the refrain again after verse 3.

For those of you who weren't at the rehearsal, we decided to cut "Twas the Night After Christmas".  Please turn in your music this week.

Finally, we postponed the tryouts for the solos in "Twas the Night Before Christmas" until this week.  There are baritone solos on pages 11, 12-13, and 14-15.  Page 18 has speaking solos for sopranos and altos.  Pages 19, and 19-20 contains alto solos.  Page 21 has solos for sopranos and altos.  Finally, pages 23-25 contain a tenor solo.  I believe that's all of them, but feel free to check the music. 

I hope all of you are working on obtaining ads for our program.  At this moment, we're running behind budget.

See you all Tuesday,


CarlMusic for new Season- Please Listen

Coventry Carol

 Good King Wencelas

 I Wish You Christmas

 I Wonder as I Wander

 See amid the winter’s snow

 Torches (This is the closest I could come to our version)

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Calypso Christmas