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Note: Rehearsal cancellation due to weather will always be posted on the     website by 4pm the day of rehearsal.

Please bring a PENCIL to rehearsal to mark our music. We encourage you to write anything on your music that will help you with dynamics, pronunciation, phrasing, etc….

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Next rehearsal October 17th -7pm

Cheshire Regional Rehab Center

745 Highland Ave/Cheshire


Last week, we received and sight read some new music.  These were; "Candleglow", "Light One Candle", and "Sing We of Hanukkah".  

"Candleglow" is a 3 part piece.  Part I is the sopranos, Part II is the altos, and Part III is the men.

"Sing We of Hanukkah" starts with unison women.  On the top of page 4, the men's part is sung only on the second time through.  The men come in on the bottom of page 4 at measure 18 on both verses one and two as marked.  The women sing at the top of page 5, starting with measure 19, only on the second time through.  Everyone sings their respective parts on both verses, starting at measure 27 on the bottom of page 5.  There are a lot of sustained notes in this piece.  To keep the audience awake, there should be crescendos (get louder) at these places.  We need to sound like we are going somewhere with these passages.

"Light One Candle" moves along at a pretty good clip.  If nothing else, study the words.

In "Torches", mark your music that all voices start.

"I Wish You Christmas" starts with only the sopranos singing.  Everyone else joins in at the top of page 4, letter A.  The lower parts are to sing "ooh" instead of humming.  At the top of page 5, on the word "clear", there is a hold.  You'll need to watch Lisa for when to cut off, and the sopranos for when to restart. At letter F on the bottom of page 8, a piano interlude starts and goes until just before letter G on page 9.  The easiest thing to do here is watch Lisa (which by the way is something we should do as standard practice) and let her bring us in at the proper time.

I hope you all are out there trying to sell program ads.  Our dues paying membership is below budget and we need to make up the shortfall.  

I didn't write it in my calendar, but I believe the October general meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday.  Also, if you haven't already done so, mark your calendars to show that we will not be rehearsing on Halloween, Oct. 31, but we will be rehearsing on Monday, Oct. 30.  Same time, same place as usual.

That's it for now.  I still don't have my computer back from the repair shop, so once again I'm sending this from my church's computer.  If anyone wants to send a reply to this email, I may not see it until Tuesday.  


Info on Business meeting this evening

Hi All:

Here is the agenda for the General meeting this evening.  It would be good if you could print out your own copy as I do not have a printer.  If one of the board members could print out a few copies for those that don't have e-mail that would be ideal.
1. Call the meeting to Order
2. Acceptance of last meetings minutes (copy attached) and discussion if necessary
3. Committee Reports: Membership/Ways and Means Kathy M.

                                  Music Committee



4. Old Business

5. New Business

5. Adjournment

Music for new Season- Please Listen

Coventry Carol

 Good King Wencelas

 I Wish You Christmas

 I Wonder as I Wander

 See amid the winter’s snow

 Torches (This is the closest I could come to our version)

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Calypso Christmas